We want to be more than just the dental staff.

We want to be your dental family.

We make it a priority to get you.  Because we get family.  We get that the dentist office isn’t the easiest place to be, whether you’re 45 or 5.  So we get you in and out on time and easy.  We remember your name.  We make sure we have everything on hand that you or your family could need — from coffee to toys for the kids.  So that every time you come in — you leave wondering how a dentist office could be so comfortable and easy.

Welcome to the family.  We’ve got your back.


Cindy is our Practice Administrator.  She’s spent 20 years in dentistry, but her true passion is knitting — you should see her yarn collection.  She claims she’s seen more yarn than Dr. Smith has seen teeth.  Still up for debate.


Marla has been the smile at our front desk for 7 years as our scheduling coordinator.  You’ll know pretty quick that she’s sweet as anything and crazy about her 2 grandkids — but you may not know her ride of choice is the motorcycle she shares with her hubby.


Tera has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 8 years. She’s a HUGE fan of That Team Up North and you’ll see her at a lot of football games.  But don’t worry, she’ll be friends with any one, no matter who they root for.


Jenn has been a Registered Dental Hygienist with us since 2005.  She’s an avid concert goer — but her deepest love is for all things Disney.  Try asking her about it sometime.  You may break into song.


Michele has been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 26 years, and we snagged 18 of those with her here.  She’s all about her recreational volleyball team, and while she’ll tell ya to brush your teeth after, she can make a MEAN cheesecake.