In the office...

Dr. Michael J. Smith has called Columbus home since 1982 and is a graduate of Worthington High School. He earned is baccalaureate degree in Biological Science from California State University, Hayward in 1991. Dr. Smith returned to the Ohio State University and earned both his Doctor of Dental Surgery and Advanced General Dentistry degrees.

Dr. Smith was awarded the prestigious Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry in July 2002 and completed his Mastership in 2015. Each year, he takes three times the number of courses required to retain his license in order to stay up to date on the latest techniques offered in dentistry.

Outside the office...

Dr. Smith is a member of the Central Ohio Study Club, a branch of one of the nation’s leading dental study groups. Dr. Smith is also the dentist-on-call for the First Baptist Church Daycare in Groveport. Aside from dentistry, Dr. Smith enjoys playing basketball, golf, digital photography and church activities. Dr. Smith, his wife Lydia, a former teacher at Hanna Ashton Middle School, daughter Mikayla & son Isaac reside in Canal Winchester.

“Tae Kwon Do has become a passion of mine. Like Dentistry, it’s very much about detail. One must pay attention to where hand and foot techniques are placed, as well as correctly assessing an opponent’s movements. Dentists are very prone to back and neck degeneration due to what we do, so exercise and strength are important to overall health. I have loved the martial arts since high school. My family is now known as ‘Team Smith’, as we all compete at tournaments off and on. Just as it is important to keep up to date on current trends in Dentistry, it is equally important to continue to study Tae Kwon Do and keep fine-tuned on forms, weapons and sparring. It is also a lot of fun!”

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me!  And lets be real… it’s important to know where you’re bringing your family. Know that we work to make our dental practice a safe, comfortable, real place.  Hopefully getting to know me helps you get an idea of what it’s like to be here! We look forward to potentially meeting you and your family.


Dr. Swanson joins us on Wednesdays!  We love having her in the office.  Dr. Swanson has been practicing general and esthetic dentistry since 2008, when she graduated from The University of Detroit Mercy Dental School.  We’ve been glad to have her since she joined us in 2015.

She called Chicago home for 10 years, where she met her husband Gerald and started her family.  Fun fact!  She grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan… but (against all odds!) attended THE Ohio State University for her undergrad.  We’re proud of her for that.

Dr. Swanson now lives in Upper Arlington with Gerald, raising their daughter Lilli, who they’ll proudly share is an honor roll student.  In her spare time, Dr. Swanson enjoys travelling with her family, cooking and spinning.  She’s a character, so we hope you’ll get to know her!

Hi!  I hope you make a Wednesday appointment sometime, so that I get to meet you.  I love working with Reynoldsburg Family Dental, because they truly are exactly all they claim to be — a family-oriented, considerate team that works to fit your schedule as efficiently and cheerfully as possible.  As a mom, I know what that means to people.  And I’d love to help do that for you.  See you soon!